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How to use the libneai.a lib in MDK?


Hi guys,

These days I already know how to generate the AI model named libneai.a(also including the NanoEdgeAI.h) by NanoEdge AI Studio.

But I don't know how to use it, I try to import it to MDK, but MDK always has a compiler error. Is there some information about "How to do an AI demo from scratch"?

And one more thing, Can I valide the AI model(libneai.a) created by NanoEdgeAI at windows or linux platform?


Julian E.
ST Employee

Hello Junde,


We don't use MDK, but based on what we found, it seems like you need to rename the libneai.a to libneai.lib. Please follow the official documentation: µVision User's Guide (


Here is some documentation about NanoEdge's libraries:

Here is a link to a project example, at the end you can find information on how to integrate NanoEdge Ai libraries with cubeIDE, it may help you with MDK: AI:How to create a multi-state vibrations classifier using NanoEdge AI studio - stm32mcu


Finally, about your question to validate the library on windows or linux :

  • First, you can validate the library directly in the studio in the emulator step. The emulator simulates the behavior of the library as if in a microcontroller.
  • In this same step you can also download an emulator of the lib for window and linux and use it with command line interface. Here is a link for the emulator in Anomaly detection, you can find the documentation for the other emulator in the wiki: AI:NanoEdge AI Emulator for anomaly detection (AD) - stm32mcu


I hope this is helpful,

Have a good day!

Might also need some shim functions for the Linker to get closure.

Getting undefined referencing errors?

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