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Error analyzing a model with custom layers

Shreshth Mehrotra

I am using the XCUBE-AI software to deploy an SNN (Spiking Neural Network) on my STM32H747I-DISCO board. The SNN is in the form of a .h5 file, and was converted from a CNN using the snn toolbox. The SNN ofcourse, has a lot of custom layers. I want to analyze this network using XCUBE-AI. I used two methods:

1) Choose the 'keras model and topology' option, and create the config file which contains the python files containing the class definitions of the custom layer.

2)Convert the .h5 file into tflite and upload the tflite model.

However, both these approaches give me 'error' while analyzing. It doesn't tell me what went wrong. Is there a log of some kind where I can see what is actually going wrong? Otherwise it's hard to debug.