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STM32H563: USB HID device behind HUB not enumerated

Associate II

Hi there,

I am working with the Nucleo-H563ZI board. The board is modified so that its hardware can act as a USB host. I am running Azure RTOS with USBx in the board. USBx is configured in host mode (not OTG) with classes HID (keyboard) and Hub. A USB HID device connected directly to the board's USB port (CN13) is successfully enumerated and the data typed with the keyboard is received by the firmware. Enumeration of the HID device fails when I insert a USB hub. The hub is enumerated, but the device enumeration fails when the USB host tries to assign the device address. The USB host never receives a response to this request.

I have already compared my solution with the HUB_HID_MSC example from the STM32U5. It is very similar and I don't see anything wrong with my solution.
Can you please help me?

Associate II

I'm having a similar issue, but with USB CDC and the NUCLEO-G0B1RE board. My application isn't working...

ST support identified a bug in the current firmware package for the STM32H563. The bug will be fixed in one of the next releases.