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STM32F76XXX Bootloader Activation


Hi! I'm new to the STM32F76, and I'm attempting to flash the MCU through either a serial/USART connection or USB (DFU mode). I have been unsuccessful and would appreciate any advice.

Here's what I've tried:

* I've read through AN2606 and have gathered that in order to activate the bootloader, I need to follow pattern 9. For example: nDBANK(bit) = 1, Boot(pin) = 1 and BOOT_ADD1(optionbyte) = 0x0040; please correct me if I'm wrong.

* Using the ST-Link utility, I have verified that nDBANK is checked and that BOOT_ADD1 = 0x0040

* I have a jumper between BOOT0 and VCC

What am I missing here? It seems like flashing the STM32F4 is pretty trivial; I've found loads of resources online for that, but there's not much on flashing the STM32F7x.

Is it possible that I somehow don't have the proper bootloader? I was under the impression that this was flashed by STM and was present on the MCU by default. Do I need some sort of special flags set in my firmware? Is there another pin that I need to be pulling? Any help is greatly appreciated


You can view the ROM code via JTAG/SWD or your own code.

Thing to watch on the boot loader is ANY signals on the interfaces it is looking for interaction on.

For example don't connect a GPS receiver to any UART it is monitoring, as these start and send periodic data at startup

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Thanks for the reply! I'll check that out