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In MCU product line, which MCU is more suitable for mass storage?

Associate II

Dear Sir,

I have a question for MCU select.

We have an industrial wearable device project, originally use STM32G071RB as the controller, responsible for monitoring the wearable device status, transmitting and receiving RF signals and reminding users of special events, etc. The device has a SPI interface Flash memory for storage device status data.

At last week, customers suggested that because the wearable device has a USB type C interface, they hope that after connecting device to the computer or laptop, a window will pop up, allowing the administrator to quickly read, copy or delete data (similar to the Windows system Approach).

I have contacted the agent in Taiwan to discuss, but the agent gave the message that an MCU or MPU above M4 is needed to achieve such a function, and currently only SD or MicroSD cards can realize the idea of ​​a file system. Currently on NAND Flash there is still no way, I would like to ask, in ST's current product line, is there an entire total solution that can realize this idea (MCU, USB-C controller)?