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I'm working with a STM32U575 MCU and want to implement a USB Host Connection. But i miss the MSC Classe Driver Stuff.

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I want to read/write to/from a USB Stick so i need a Masss Storage Class.

So i set up a CubeMX Project and set the USB_OTG_FS to Host_Only, but there is nothing more then this.

i was checking out the examples and found a lot of stuff for all other MCUs like F4 or H7.

Is there anything i missed? Or has anyone experience on this?

Thanks for the Feedback

Mohamed Aymen HZAMI
ST Employee

Hello @PWeiss​ and welcome to the community,

Have you looked at these examples under this path:


Mohamed Aymen

Hello Mohamed

Thanks for your feedback.

yes i saw the applications there, but we are currelty using the Keil RTOS2 in all projects.

the applications are all based on THREADX and USBX middleware.

thats why this is not an option for me.

Associate II

Hi @Mohamed Aymen HZAMI​ 

Is there a topic on ST side to extend STSW-STM32046 USB on-the-go Host and device library for the Cortex M33?

Or is there any other solution to implement a MSC Host on the Cortex M33 without the THREADX and USBX middleware?

Thanks a lot for the feedback.