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How to read Lipo battery life from a STM32 F427IH6 (Robomaster Development Board)

Hi, I am working with a Robomaster Development Board Type-A

From the picture you see on that website, I plug LiPo into the 24V Power input.

I am trying to do a project in which I get the remaining battery life from the STM32. How would I do this?

From reading the datasheet for the F427IH6, I can see that VDD = VDDA. 

vdd vdda.png

However I'm not sure how to read VDDA or VDD.

It seems like the ADC1 pin can read an interval value called Vrefint

Which i gather from research has some linear relationship with VDDA but I don't know what it is.

I would also like to get some clarification on what exactly VDD, VDDA, Vrefint, and other related values mean. 

Thank you!