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Hello! I'm a firmware design engineer, and along with my team, we're working on UWB development. We recently received a Qorvo kit (DW3300QDK1) along with the EVB STM32 Nucleo-F429ZI to work with their SDK. However, we couldn't find any documentation (developer/user manual, guides) on using their SDK with your EVB. Where can we access that information?
I'll appreciate your support.


I think most of that would need to come from the QORVO side of the street.. Their FAE's or those of the Distributor you're working through.

Looks to be of an Arduino MEGA shield form factor.

Not sure what platform expectation QORVO has for their source code, would expect KEIL or IAR over CubeIDE or raw GNU/GCC, but that might be more apparent from their GitHub repo, or whatever.

Path of Least resistance would be to use their build platform

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Thank you for the information! We'll reach out to QORVO and their distributors for further guidance. 😁