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Associate III

hi..I have tried all the ways to read ADC values as I found that using PA11(ADC_IN15) and PA12(ADC_IN16) is the issue.I tried setting up non configured mode  with polling and also DMA (as per CubeG0 examaples) I couldnt able to read the values. Can any one help with this please.

To confirm this Out of 7 channels I needed I tried with 5 channels sequencer fully configuarable mode and that works fine if I add these two channelsPA11(ADC_IN15) and PA12(ADC_IN16) I am getting same values for all the channels


ST Employee

Hello @meena ,

depending on the package (LQFP48/UFQFPN48) and according to datasheet table 12 you can use PA11 and PA12 

for ADC_IN15 and ADC_IN16 respectively with pin  PB11 and PB12 this is already reported internally as a typo in the datasheet so PB11,PB12 are only available for ADC_15,ADC_16 .

This typo will be fixed in the next revision .


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