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WIFI module


Hello everyone,


I am working with the STM32H7B3I-DK board and I need to establish wi-fi module. I am facing problems with the spi2 and usart2 communication. I saw in the documentation that these are two possible ways to communicate with wifi modules. Only one (spi2 or usart2) should be used. I manage to enable USART1, but I can not see anything on console when I enabled USART2. I need help with that. It would be great if there are some codes or examples on how to establish wifi module on this board,  so I can try them. I went through all available examples for this board, but I could not find the one that could be helpfull. There is only one example that connects to the touchscreen but I want to connect by code throug STM32CubeIDE. Even the touchGFX project could not be simulated.

Guillaume K
ST Employee

The STM32H7B3I-DK board is configured by default to use SPI between the STM32H7 and the Wifi module.

google "STM32H7B3I-DK schematics" , it should give MB1332-H7B3I-C02_Schematic.PDF file at

inside the schematics document , search for wifi. you can see only the SPI2 is linked to STM32H7B3.

there is option to connect with UART2 but you have to unsolder/solder some points.

also the wifi module firmware may be only supporting SPI communication.

regarding the code, in Cube H7 software package have a look at Projects\STM32H7B3I-DK\Demonstrations\ClockAndWeather

in particular Core\Src\net_conf_es_wifi_spi.c and clock_weather_app.c

also in Middlewares\ST\STM32_Network_Library\netif\wifi_if\es_wifi\net_es_wifi.c


I can't help you much more about this.