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STM32G030C8T6 GPIO distubs each others.

Associate II

HI,I use the G0 serial​s firstly. I have welded 8 model machines,but I found some similar problems.

For example

  1. On the NO1 board, I used the pin PF1 be output.The problem is that the voltage of the MCU's reset pin is not High toVDD。So the mcu keeps rebooting.When I change the mode of PF1 to default(OSC_OUT),the problem will disappear。
  2. On the NO2 board, the pin level of the PD0 is distubed by the PD1(when I toggle the PD1, I will find the similar fluctuation on the PD0.

When I heat the MCU,Those two questions maybe get better large probability�?(but I am sure the electrical connection is OK,not short or break )。




If only 2/8 boards are acting poorly, and not in the same way, surely the reason is that the hardware is different/faulty. If not a bad solder joint, then a bad board.

PF1 is next to NRST

PD0 is next to PD1

I know you said you checked it, but it sure looks like a solder bridge issue to me.

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Associate II

Thanks for your reply very much�?

I fact the 8 boards all have the problem! The 8 board were producted and welded in 3 batches。

The First time I found the problem ,I headted the board and It got OK.So I think it is a problem of solder joint .Even though I can't see the joint .

The Second time I met the same problem.and I solved ti by heating too.

The Third time the same. So I think it is not a simple weld issue and start the investigation.

  1. I have measured the PD0 and PD1 ,There was a high resistance between them.
  2. Every time I have a problem, I just heat it up and get better. and the heating time is too long to melt the solder, about 2~3 seconds.

We use the STM32F103R8 all the time.and never met the I wonder if it has something to do with the chip.


I'm not sure. It seems like a hardware issue to me.

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