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STLinkV3SET Back plate

Senior II

I have an STLinkV3SET  which came with a secondary module and spacer.  When I connect them all together, I can't seem to get the back plate on.  I noticed the image on page 14 of the user guide shows how to assemble the modules, but does not show the back plate or mention anything about it being used in this configuration.  

How does the back plate fit after adding the module?

Thanks you


Mine ended up with a 1 cm gap between the back plate and the rest of the unit, with the back plate perched on the nylon standoff.

Hmmm, as I write this, I picked up my unit and found that the standoff is now broken off. Sigh.

I wonder if I can get our jr. engineer to make a spacer on our 3D printer. In the mean time I'll just use my j-link.

Associate II

If you can miss SWIM and the legacy 20-pin JTAG, you could look if the solution in linked posting would be okay for you: