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How make the nucleo-h7s3l8 HID device can be detached

Associate II

I folloe the nucleo-h7s3l8 HID example to create my  project (by STM32Cubemx), But it is not work.Pc always didnt detect ny board.

I trace code to here(like the picture) when I use debug tool


In my code ,the CAD_StateMachine_SNK run onec time and _handle->cstate is USBPD_CAD_STATE_DETACHED. It is wrong

I think the USBPD_PWR_IF_GetVBUSStatus need to be called,but my peoject never process USBPD_PWR_IF_GetVBUSStatus. I dont know how to resolve this problem.

Can anybody tell me how to do?Can tell me something that I need to fix my code or cubemx config ?


My code is in the attach

ST Employee

Hi @prometheans152 

I have tried the example firmware STM32CubeH7RS/Projects/NUCLEO-H7S3L8/Applications/USB_Device/HID_Standalone at main · STMicroelectronics/STM32CubeH7RS (

It detects the attachment of cable without issues. Check UCPD jumper should be fitted. JP3 [7-8]




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Yes,I did it,and I check my board have power.

By the way ,I follow the HID_Standalone example to config my cubemx but I'm not sure that is right.

I don't know what thing is UCPD need?ADC? IIC? .Those are enable in the example.

But I can check my project UCPD and USBD config in STM32CubeMX as same as HID_Standalone

Have any spec/doc or any other things can read ?  I know nothing about UCPD with USB Deive

I tried to find the spec and doc before. I just find that how to use UCPD with Power