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DMA DAC over an U575ZI-Q


Hello everyone


I've being trying to setup a DAC output using DMA in a nucleo U575ZI-Q board.I started with the example provided in the stm32CubeIDE, works fine, and I obtained a desired output. The point gets more complex because I needed to use the timers to trigger other signals, and thus I needed to change to other timers (for example, to TIMER2), And I couldn't get it on work. I'm using the 1.15.1 version of the ide, and there the DMA settings related to the DAC has changed with respect to the videos.

Following several examples (most of them for bluepills and others for STM32FXXX boards, but none of them for my specific board, I couldn't get it on work.

The outupt that I need is like a 0 --level2 -- 0 -- level1--- 0.

I got the following. As you can see, it goes up and down at every timer call, instead of just triggering the dma buffer.




My current DMA setting is as follows:




Any idea?