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using stm32 firmware code to control vienna rectifer

Associate II

I have used eDesignSuite to generate firmware code for my vienna rectifer. I need some more clarity/documentation on implementation of the code. Many things are unclear, such as at start-up, there is a pin dedicated to an relay, which will limit the current by adding an resistor in series with the capacitor. My doubt is, weather the firmware code will itself control this things, or do I need to write seprate code, to precharge the capacitors and avoid inrush current?
The other doubt which I had, is to do with the preconfigured communication pins. where are these used?
I am also not able to understand the DAC pins configured. where are these used again?

I know that ST cannot disclose everything, but atleast there should be proper documentation on the usage of firmware. 


Please help me out, so that I can use this firmware in my project!!!