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Unable to connect to target with SPC5-UDESTK

Associate II


I'm trying to program a SPC560B64 microcontroller but debugger can't connect to target :

-driver is correctly install (with vcp enable option check)

-all signal (TDI, TDO, TMS, etc...) are correcty route to the debugger.

-target is powered (green LED is ON on UDESTK)

I use SPC5 studio (6.0) to generate executable and UDE STK 5.0 as external debugger (about this when could we have the debugger running directly in SPC5 studio??)

I jnow there is some others post about this but nothing work here and all these post doesn't have response...

Any advise or better a solution?

Associate II

So I answer myself, this was an hardware problem my bad.

I've forgot to connect VDD-BV pin to 5V on my board....

Giuseppe DI-GIORE
ST Employee

Thank you for your answer.