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RGM Shows Core Watchdog -CWD Reset issue SPC572Lxx.



I 've bootloader and Application code for the mention SPC52Lxx series, and in Bootloader code have checked the reset status cause. so I'm getting the Functional Reset and the bit its set as Core Watchdog (CWD in RGM_FES) .Due to this its not jumping to the Application.

Case 1: we have two Engine control units (controller) ,In this 1st case, I've flashed both the boot and app code and check the output, and its failed to jump to the application code. for this case we confirmed hardware is ok or not ,we have checked the sample code also from SPC studio and its working ok.

case 2: took the hex dump of above controller from case one which was failed and flashed this hex dump into the other controller(ECU) ,and its working fine. 

Though, tried to disable as well as enable the WEN bit and check the code but its shows the same for both cases.

please kindly suggest the cause or solution for this mentioned case.

For this Controller FCCU is not available so cant deep into the cause.