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Enable RTC driver on SPC560B discovery board (SPC5Studio)


I am using SPC5 Studio, version: 6.0 with an SPC560B discovery board. The onboard MCU is the SPC560B54L5. According to the datasheet this has an onboard RTC.

I created a new project using the 'Create new SPC5 application' wizard. This works fine and I can, for example, configure and enable the LinFlex and FlexCAN drivers as required, etc.

For some reason, however, I can not enable the RTC driver. Specifically, when I open the configuration for the 'SPC560Bxx Low Level Drivers Components RLA' there is no option to enable / disable an RTC driver. Please see attached screenshot.

I have studied some of the sample projects that come with SPC5 Studio for various other SPC5 discovery boards - and notice that these do allow the RTC driver to be enabled.

I could try to copy and paste the RTC driver source files from one of the sample projects I referred to - but these are for different MCUs. And I shouldn't have to resort to this.

Am I missing something?

ST Employee


you are right, the RTC driver was only ported to SPC56 D-line platform (and not on your B-line one)

I will forward this point to R&D team.

Best regards.