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can't able to activate Pin-PC[8] eMIOS-channel 3 in SPC56EC70B3 Microcontroller

Prasanna Murali

Hi Team, 

we are using SPC56EC70B3 Microcontroller, We are trying to give a digital signal to the corresponding pins PA[1], PA[2], PC[8], and PC[9]. All the pins are configured in the same way on the software side, we have also enabled the diagnostics pins for the above corresponding pins; we can't able capture any frequency from the pin PC [8]. Rest all the pins are working as expected. Then We identified a discrepancy in the malfunctioning pin PC[8] within the UCIN of the CSR in the eMIOS UC Status Register. Specifically, for channel 3, it consistently remains in a high state (1). This issue is critical to our project, and we urgently request your assistance in resolving it.


image 1 (1).png