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Support awaited to the STM MP34DT05-A digital microphone - see details below.

Senior II

The Customer Herbert Waldmann asks us to Support to the STM MP34DT05-A digital microphone. So the information from the customer Waldmann:

My question concerns a that we used - installed Microphone MP34DT05-A. We have on the field by the (end) customer the problem that from time to time, the Microphone fails / malfunctions and no Sensordata are exploited evaluated / available and therefore the endcustomer complains. So the question if the Microphone for any reason (for example Voltage drop / collapse or Data asked lately …) in a state to come is, in which no more Sensor Data sent are and therefore no more exploited evaluated can be.

I (so Waldmann) could also in house one time see this issue and could then measure that the clock for the Microphone with reliability to the Microphone could be sent. Also the Supply voltage was ok. The Data Line could not be precisely measured so to say, if there are Data or not. When the Microphone 1 time faulty is, can the problem only with a Restart ((separate and the reconnect the Supply Voltage) fixed / resolved.

Awaiting Feedback from your side, thanks in advance.

In case you would have further questions or would need further information, please let us know.

As I will myself be on vacation next week, if you inform then, please take my colleague Mr Jürgen Bischoff also in copy in the E-Mails (

ST Employee

Hi @Community member​ ,

for the official support requests, I suggest you to contact the OLS from the link you can find on the Contact page of

What I can tell you is to check:

  • Whether the Vdd and the clock are clean, with same high levels and are provided to the device in this order;
  • Whether the clock frequency is above 1.2MHz, as stated in the datasheet, p.3;
  • Whether in the issue cases you are facing the mic ceases at all to send PDM data or it outputs only noise.

In case the Vdd drops or the clock stops on your application, you should only need to restore the Vdd or the clock at that point, and restart the acquisition.