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Question from Predictive Maintenance Webinar 29th of April: I'm interested in the combination between STEVAL-BFA001V2B and STEVAL-IDP004V2. Especially about the io-link communication.

ST Employee

 Can you explain what is the use of Third party middleware for IO-Link device stack V1.1 (provided

by TEConcept GmbH)? i noticed that this middleware was not present in the previous version of the two before mentioned board: STEVAL-BFA001V1B and STEVAL-IDP004V1. Can you explain the advantage of this middleware. Thank you.

Vladimir  JANOUSEK
Associate II

This IO-Link stack ensures communication interoperability with other IO-Link devices, specifically an IO-Link master. In other words, beside the IO-Link compliant hardware (ST products) we added also SW layer through our partner to complete the IO-Link solution. I would also recommend to read through this User manual