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Problem SPI communication, MISO pin with sensor STEVAL-MKI210V1K based on ISM330DHCX



I am using the eval board STEVAL-MKI210V1K, iNemo inertial module kit based on ISM330DHCX.

I am trying to have datas from the temperature sensor.

I am using the official driver of ISM330DHCX and i did my own program.

When i am reading datas, i check my SPI communication with an oscilloscope, my MOSI is good but i dont received anything by the sensor (MISO).

in MOSI, I have 1 byte for the register and 1 byte with 0.

in MISO, I have 1 byte of FF and 1 byte with 0.

All my pins are set with a pull up.

First of all, is it a problem with my hardware ? can you tell me the shematic pins of the STEVAL-MKI210V1K for a communication SPI.

I dont think that my program is wrong because i send the good thing in my MOSI pin.

Thank you for your help.

ST Employee

Hi @Idzfg.1​ ,

you can find the pin out connections for your situation at page 34 of the datasheet

try to read the WHO_AM_I register first, so that you can be sure that it is not a hardware problem