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MotionVC Lib Implementation & Data Drifting

Associate II

Hi all, 

I am trying to use the MotionVC library functions to return my vertical speed and calibrated speed, however I have encountered two unknowns: the internal timing or buffer processing of the MotionVC_Update() function and why the calibrated altitude does not update on my personal implementation. I am using the Nucleo-F411RE with the IKS4A1 expansion board and have my accelerometer ODR set to 50Hz. and pressure sensor set to 10Hz (as specified). The function is called once every millisecond (much faster than the data is sampled), the timestamp output parameter is unclear as to what it represents. The data response rate is slow or non-existent for altitude and calibrated altitude/vertical speed alike. 

If anyone has had any luck doing custom implementations of this library or knows if this function can be tuned to be more responsive that would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.