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LSM6DSLTR high current consumption



We found a problem with high current by using LSM6DSLTR.

LSM6DSLTR is used to trigger system from sleep mode.

The normal system sleep current is 0.5~0.9mA.

The abnormal one becomes 3.25mA.

This issue is related with this LSM6DSLTR IC.

When we replaced this new IC, this current will fall into normal range.

When we swapped this IC from normal and abnormal units, this high current occurs in suspected defect IC.

IC Data code is 221.

LSM6DSLTR supports for 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope, but gyroscope is disenable in this moment.

May you give advice if there is any potential problem for hardware circuit or firmware setting? The schematic related LSM6DSLTR is updated for your reference.

Best regards,

Lawrence Fu

ST Employee

Hi Lawrence  @LFu.2​ ,

Did you check your application board at X-rays the before reworking, to see if some connections were wrong?

The only potential problem related to overconsumption, besides a wrong soldering, is an ESD discharge above limits.



The defect units did not expose under X-Ray to check the connection. We have undergone to test as below.

Over 40 defect units were replaced with SM6DSLTR. All units were returned to normal current consumption after changing this IC. Some of those suspected IC were soldered to other units. This high current consumption still was observed. The chance wrong connection is low.

For ESD discharge, this may be a potential problem. We cannot prove it is the root cause for this problem or not. We would like to share our finding that those defect units can still response with motion detection and generate signal from INT1. If this problem was caused by ESD issue, we would observe that some IC became a fatal error without any function. However, we did not find it.

Can you get advice if there is code to initialization and parameter set that download from ST website?

We can countercheck firmware do wrong to make this IC draw high current.