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LIS3DH - Android screen rotation.


Hello everyone,

We are working on an Android 11 i.MX8MM based board which has the LIS3DH accelerometer.

From the Kernel perspective we used the following IIO drivers.



Then we integrated the corresponding STM Android Sensor HAL IIO.

When running the “dumpsys sensorservice�? command we get the attached “sensor-service.txt�? output.

To test the Sensor HAL, we downloaded some Android apps from the Google Play Store, and those could interact with the LIS3DH.

As per my understanding the Sensor HAL and the Kernel drivers were correctly integrated, but I expected that when enabling the screen rotation on my Android device, the display will respond accordingly to the device rotation, but nothing happens.

The LIS3DH datasheet stages that the device can be used for display orientation, but I am wondering if we might be missing any specific setting or source to achieve this functionality on our Android OS.

Could you please let me know if something might be missing from the Sensor HAL or from the Kernel driver’s perspective?

Any guidance will be highly appreciated,

Thanks, and best regards,

Esteban V.