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ISM330DLC issue with sensor hub output registers 13-18



I'm currently trying out different configurations of the ISM330DLC sensor hub. Everything works as expected as long as I don't configure it to read more than 12 registers. If I do try to use more than 12 registers, I get some unexpected output in registers SENSORHUB13_REG to SENSORHUB18_REG. It seems like consecutive registers are set to identical values. This happens regardless of the type of sensor I'm trying to read.

For example, if I configure the sensor hub to read the same LPS22HH pressure sensor data (3 bytes pressure and 2 bytes temperature) three times (slaves 0-2), I would expect the sensor hub output registers to contain the same five bytes three times. However, for the second block of registers (13-18), this is not the case. Example:

External sensor:    Slave 0                        
SENSORHUB*_REG:     1     2     3     4     5      
                    0x88  0xed  0x3d  0x71  0x8    
External sensor:    Slave 1                        
SENSORHUB*_REG:     6     7     8     9     10     
                    0x88  0xed  0x3d  0x71  0x8    
External sensor:    Slave 2  
SENSORHUB*_REG:     11    12    13    14    15    16   17
                    0x88  0xed  0x3d  0x71  0x71  0x8  0x8

What could be causing this behavior?

Thanks in advance


ST Employee

Hi Yannick @yath​ ,

The issue might be related to the fact that the the SENSORHUB13_REG is not consecutive to the SENSORHUB12_REG for the ISM330DLC? There is a jump from reg address 0x39 to reg address 0c4D, and if you are using the automatic increment you should take this into account.

0693W00000KaH3YQAV.pngSENSORHUB13_REG to SENSORHUB18_REG are "normal" register as SENSORHUB12_REG and below.

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Hi Eleon,

thank you for your answer.

I am aware of the jump in register addresses. I am reading the two blocks separately: 1 to 12 in one go and 13 to 18 in one go. I have also tried to read all the registers individually, one after the other. The result was the same.



Hi Yannick @yath​ ,

did you check if you configured everything as described in the Application note AN5125, p.62?