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IIS3DWB power consumption in wait-for-event




IIS3DWB documentation provides only two data points about power consumption:

Accelerometer current consumption @ 1.1mA typ.

Accelerometer current consumption during power-down @ 5µA typ.


I want to be woken-up on vibration levels (on X, Y or Z axis) when a specific threshold gets crossed. The datasheet provides all information about how to do that. However I miss the µA targets. I understand that ODR is fixed anyway @ 26.6667 kHz but I m guessing that power consumption should be well below the nominal 1.1.mA. My target is in the tens of µA to 100 µA range maximum. Else I need a second accelerometer to provide the function.


Note: I can cut VDDIO during such mode (VDDIO distinct from VDD) but still need INT1 event toward my microcontroller.


Can you provide typical power consumption in such mode so that I can finalize my architecture.



Best Regards,



Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @SGA ,

Welcome to ST Community!

On the datasheet you only find values that have been tested in production and that we can therefore guarantee, which is why you have not found the data you are looking for.
I cannot give you a typical value, but I can tell you that on a limited number of pieces, and therefore not guaranteed in production, at ODR 26kHz, in static conditions, we measure about 1130uA.

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