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How do I send data from Algobuilder to an app vía bluetooth with


Hi everyone,

I need to send data I get from Algobuilder app to and app I've made with appInventor. I want to send it via bluetooth​ and I'm using the How can I do It??


ST Employee

Hi @LRoss.1​ , in the latest version 2.5 of AlgoBuilder there is the firmware template for with BLE communication. Please note that this communication works with Unicleo-GUI. Theoretically it is possible to use the firmware for communication with any other application but the protocol is proprietary, so the only way it to reverse engineer the protocol from the firmware source code. You ask more information to the STMicroelectronics sales office and representatives of your geographical area. Regards

Associate III

Hi! I am currently trying the same. Everything is ok if I select "" as the target, Unicleo shows the data transferred via COM port. If I chose " BLE" a Bluetooth device with the name "ALGOB" appears. The problem is, that I cannot connect my PC or my mobile phone to this device. Windows shows the PIN, but if confirm this pin, it fails to connect. Same with the mobile phone. Any hint what could be the problem?