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Control Gforce of Wireless Vibration sensor to detect the vibration of CNC machine

Harry Blake
Associate II

Hi, I have created the python script which help me to read the data of wireless vibration sensor consisting of LSM9DS1 which sends the data to wireless modem which is connected with raspberry pi.

I want to set the g force parameters which help me to detect the vibration in CNC machines.

Earlier I have been working with sample source code but for making it work with python script I need some theoretical help.

Will be looking for the suggestions to make this kind of solution work with CNC machines.

Wireless Vibration Sensor -


Miroslav BATEK
ST Employee

I don't understand your question.

ST Employee

​Hi Harry, could you explain in more detail the purpose of your project? As per my understanding, you would like to use LSM9DS1 as a Wireless Vibration Sensor and you want to set the "g force parameters" (do you mean you want to change the FS to be able to detect the different vibration standards described in ?), am I right? Please consider also that the code you linked refers to S0 product.