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STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK BLE_Sensor_Demo does not work with STEVAL-MKBOXPRO

Associate II

Hi all,

i have an STEVAL-MKBOXPRO that i want to reprogram.

I found STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK here and specially example BLE_Sensor_Demo

I follow "UM3227 STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK software package for BlueNRG-LP", specially Chapter 3.1 BLE Sensor demo ... flash it with RF Flasher Utility ... all seems ok.

However, when i restart my STEVAL-MKBOXPRO, no BLE advertising appears and i cannot connect with app. "ST BLE Sensor Classic", no more visible. Using another ST app. "ST BLE Tool" confirms that no BLE advertising exists.

I precise that i flash it with the original BLE_SensorDemo.bin provided in STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK\Firmware\BLE_Examples\BLE_SensorDemo\BlueNRG-LP\Release

Does anybody can confirm me that STSW-MKBOX-BLEDK software package is functional with STEVAL-MKBOXPRO ?

Thanks in advance, Christian