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Not sure this is the best place since there are only two posts since 2017. But here goes. Is there a way to bypass the stepper driver ICs to use an external stepper motor driver?


I see in the user manual there are 4 user pins, User1-4, somewhere in the J23 40pin header. Is it possible to reroute the direction and step signals, pins Pins40&47 of the F401, that would normally go to one or two of the L6474 stepper driver to two of these user pins. I don't find a full schematic, yet, but I have located the proper J23 header and the F401 I/O pins. I believe I may have found what is needed but I would like to get a proper and expert opinion and a recommendation on the best way to do this.

As an aside, this board would be a better eval system with standard stepper driver headers to accept a driver daugherboard to allow use of whatever stepper drivers the developer would like.

PS: After looking over the schematic that I found and comparing the pin usage to the marlin pin.h definitions that STMicro provides there appears to be a conflict in pin usage.