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Inquiry about the production of other packages for product STULPI01A or STULPI01B.

Associate III


As title, I ask if a replacement package for the ULPI interface IC is planned to be manufactured.

Currently, the ULPI IC produced by ST is only a BGA package, but this BGA is too small in size and requires special specifications in PCB manufacturing, causing cost increases.(0.5 mm grid : via size 0.1~0.15 mm, it is smaller than default PCB via size 0.3 mm)

In addition, the design difficulty is high and there are problems such as jump lines that are impossible to debug due to the characteristics of the device.

For this reason, I would like to ask if there is any intention to develop a QFN or QFP package with the same function. If it is in progress, please let me know when it will be completed. It would be nice if the temperature range could be increased as well.

Thank you for reading.​