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BlueNRG-M2 co-processor FW update using IFRStackUpdater

Associate III


Background: Since BlueNRG-M2 co-processor comes without a FW image from the factory I need to flash the FW at our location. We do not have space to add J-link header on our custom board. So we are looking to update BlueNRG-M2 FW image via our main controller (STM32F429NI). The main controller and the BlueNRG-M2 are connected via SPI lines. I used the example code IFRStackUpdater that comes with the software package X-CUBE_BLE2 and updated one of the custom board(Board 1) BlueNRG-M2 successfully.


Problem Statement: When I tried to do the same for Board 2, the update was not successful. I need to have an understanding of how this works.


Question: What is the procedure or steps involved in updating the FW for BlueNRG-M2? Is there a writeup that I can read about somewhere?

In the IFRStackUpdater code I can see that your using the MOSI pin of SPI to activate the internal bootloader.