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VL53L1X status 9


I can't find any information about status 9, how can I resolve this status?

ST Employee

That's because we hide the user manual. 

When you download the driver from It's:



VL53L1X ULD API (Ultra Lite Driver application programming interface)

Start with this one - it's probably closer to what you have.

There is also a full version. It is:


VL53L1X full API (application programming interface and documentation)

The user manual is in with the code.

Anyway, a range status of 9 is 'signal failure'. Not enough photons were returned to get a valid range. 

you can adjust this as you get to pick the minimum number of photons you determine is 'enough'.

Even if you don't use the ST driver. Download the code to get the user manual.

- john

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