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IMG043_EVK Configuration issue on VL53L7CH


I am using the IMG403 EVK GUI to test and validate the module VL53L7CH in a product. I am facing a few issues in the GUI. While trying to plot the histogram in "Zone 8x8" mode, I am getting an error. Similarly, if I change the configuration "MZ-AI Configuration" settings spreadsheet, again I am getting another error. I can be able to just run the preset configuration but can't be able to modify the parameters. My aim to test the module with all possible configurations. Kindly help me on this issue.

ST Employee

The preset "Zone 8x8" configuration only uploads standard zone target data (i.e. target range, signal etc.).
You need to select one of the 'CNH xxxx'  presets to see the histogram data.
ExtendedMode=2 is needed to output CNH histogram data.
ExtendedFlags=1 is needed to also include the CNH ambient level data.
Rather than editing settings "live" you can add your own presets to the evk_config/custom_presets.yml file which is read when you start the GUI software.
Editing CNH settings "live" can cause problems if you are not very careful as you may accidentally set the CNH parameters(those parameters which start 'cnh') to a configuration which is illegal due to exceeding the maximum memory requirements.  This will cause an error on the device which may require restarting the system.

Got it. But I need to aggregate the histogram data all the zones either in 8x8 or 4x4 resolution into 1x1. Kindly let me know how to do this. Thank you.

ST Employee

Have you found pages 33 to 36 of the MZAI_EVK User Manual ?
You can use the cnhMergeX and cnhMergeY parameters to combine zones into a lesser number of aggregates.
For instance, running in 4x4 mode you can combine all the 16 zones into a single aggregate using a configuration like this...(you can paste below into the VL53L8CH_AIKit section of the custom_presets.yml file).

    StartType: 0
    Resolution: 16
    RangingPeriod: 250
    ZoneMode: 1

    ExtendedMode: 2
    ExtendedFlags: 1

    cnhStartX: 0
    cnhStartY: 0
    cnhMergeX: 4
    cnhMergeY: 4
    cnhCols: 1
    cnhRows: 1
    cnhStartBin: 0
    cnhSubSample: 1
    cnhNumBins: 75
    isDefault: false
    isVisible: true