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STA8135GA configuration with EVBT5MCM


Deal all,

I borrowed an evaluation board EVBT5MCM to a colleague in order to evaluate the 1 PPS performance over some configurations. I downloaded the Teseo suite software and I saw NMEA messages related to the configuration such as $PTMXXX like. I achieved to change the 1 PPS configuration but I tried the same with the used constellations ($PSTMCFGCONST and $PSTMSETCONSTMASK) with no success and even not possible to get any reply message. I also tried to disable NMEA if that helps to send commands but I lost the NMEA interface. I have checked the offical documentation but I did not find any solution. Please, could anyone to help me in this setup? I checked also that an updated of the firmware could add a particular documentation however I don't have available firmware binaries.

Thank you in advance,


Raul Nieto

Francesco Virlinzi
ST Employee



These commands are related to Teseo3 IC and modules.

 EVBT5MCM embeds the STA8135 IC (Teseo5) which uses a differet configuration block layout and the 'STMCFG' commands are not supported.

You can have a look on 'AN_Firmware_Configuration.pdf' document in the firmware release folder to see know configure the Teseo5 solution.