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Whose page am I supposed to return to?



Yes, but that does not answer the question in title (nor why it can't be clicked).


Hi @waclawek.jan,
I tested the described flow but was not able to reproduce the issue: 

Would you mind letting me know if you can reproduce the issue on your end? If so, any additional information on error messages or browser might help to further investigate it. 


The title question complains of funny formulation. Who is the "I" page of whom am I supposed to return? Jan Waclawek? I don't have a single page of mine to return to.

And, actually, this is also the root of the problem. The link does not in fact return to the page from which it was linked. The javascriptoid machine remembers something like a history and tries to return to it; but it remembers it for all pages open for the forum, so if I meantime opened several other forum pages (i.e. the "my page" to return to has changed meantime), it simply gets confused.

This again is consequence of overcomplicated and fragile solution based on javascript, together with the urge to "invent" things. Browsers have native and extensive means to navigate through history, there's exactly zero need for such "go back" link, especially if it's potentially incorrect.

Just remove it.




Community manager
Community manager

Legacy message: ‎2023-06-19 09:26 AM


I moved this to a separate thread from: Solved: Forum migration lost code formatting - STMicroelectronics Community for a better problem visibility as we want to avoid multiple topics in one thread.

The link direct to a Group section, which is migrated from a previous community. At the moment this section is closed but once it is open again, this will be available. 


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