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Security with Forum login

Senior III

I have to make this post, as it is really annoying for me. I would like to use other words for this, but im trying to stay professional about this!

Its already bad enough, when your login expires after only like 1-2 hours. Now why on earth would a password expire, when i tried 4 times??? I am happy to wait an increasing few seconds after each fail. I guess when it expires, i cant reset it to the old one!?!

Is it really necessary for the password, to have a requirement for 12 characters? And all the other requirements? What comes next? Two factor authentication?

This is not a banking account!

Community manager
Community manager

Hi @Tobe
I am reaching out to let you know that we have received your feedback, we are looking into it and will get back to you ASAP. 

Best regards,