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Install custom help plugin offline

Associate III

Hi all.

I tried to install a custom help eclipse plugin (see )via the plugins directory into stm32cubeide with no success. However the same plugin installs in a clean install of eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers.

Anybody knows whay this does not work with cubeide?

What I did so far:

  1. Create directory com.mycompany.mymodule.help_1.0.0 in STM32CubeIDE plugins directory
  2. Create files plugin.xml, toc.xml inside the directory com.mymodule...
  3. Create folder META-INF with file MANIFEST.MF and folder html with helpfiles in html format inside com.mymodule..
  4. Restart IDE with -clean Option

I also tried to make a .jar file containing the plugin with no effect, the help topics are not showing up in the help contents and there are no errors in the eclipse error log.