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FAQ: STM32MP1 - Workshop MOOC - Virtual machine with latest OpenSTLinux

Where can I find STM32MP1 workshop MOOC ? Is the VMware Virtual Machine up-to-date with the latest OpenSTLinux and tools ?

Are the workshop hand's on also up-to-date ?

STM32MP1 MOOC Workshop is available on
Material and Virtual Machine VMware are accessible in google drive
Workshop was initially done on the first release OpenSTLinux1.0 but updates of the VM and the hands'on material are available for each OpenSTLinux release.
This virtual machine can help to quickly start. It contains a Ubuntu Linux machine configured for STM32MP1 compilation. The starter package, devlopper and distribution package, the tools (STMP32CubeProgrammer, STM32CubeMx, STM32CubeIDE) are installed.

Other extra labs are also available such LabBringUpFromPartNumber to create a device tree files with STM32CubeMX or Lab-Ap-Get about the update of packages on a starter package image.

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