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FAQ: STM32MP1 low-power management documentation

Do you have any application notes about the STM32MP1 low power modes (standby and vbat ) ?
Any information to understand the power management in OpenSTlinux distribution ?
Any hardware design examples demonstrating power management with STPMIC ?

First overview is provided in the following wiki links

Application notes to go further in the details:
AN5109 STM32MP15 Series using low-power mode
        Covers the Soc power mode , the entry/exit low-mpower mode sequences, low-power management in OpenSTlinux.
AN5260 STM32MP151-153-157 MPU lines and STPMIC1B integration on a battery powered application.pdf
       As illustration of AN5109, the application note AN5260 presents a complete battery oriented application example. System overview that iIlustrates the interactions between STM32MP1 and STPMIC for low-power management. 

AN5284 STM32MP1 Series system power consumption
        Show how to make power measurements with ST Evalutation board


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