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Why does TF-A print "INFO: ETZPC: UART1 (3) could be non secure"?

Associate II


in our STM32MP project, we have some unused securable peripherals. We generate our devicetree bindings with CubeMX where we have not selected anything for these peripherals. Accordingly, they do not show up in the `st,decprot` attribute in the `&etzpc` block in the devicetree.

At boot, TF-A prints e.g.: "INFO: ETZPC: UART1 (3) could be non secure". What should this info tell us? Is there anything we need to be concerned about?

According to the reference manual, the default register setting for USART1 should be "0b00" which corresponds to "secured". So in my opinion, USART1 should implicity be secured.

Thanks in advance