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How to find compatible devices for an MCU? STM32G473CB as example


How to find compatible devices for an MCU from ST products portfolio to work with? 

This FAQ answers the question: how to find compatible devices for an MCU from ST products, by describing two methods using ST tools. Here is an example using STM32G473CB.

1. From Cross Selector

Cross Selector is a tool provided by ST and it allows a side-by-side comparison of a reference MCU or MPU with approaching STM32 or STM8 products and a selection of the relevant comparison criteria and tuning of their respective importance.
To realize this purpose there are the steps to follow:

  • Launch STM32CubeMX.
  • From the start menu, choose “Access to MCU selector”.
  • From the window displayed, choose “Cross selector”. You can refer to the STM32CubeMX user manual UM1718
  • First select the vendor, in our example it is STMicroelectronics and the reference MCU is STM32G473CBTx.
  • You will find the different ST devices matching the chosen one with their matching percentage.
  • There are several comparing characteristics that users need to fine-tune such as the system core, the timers, the connectivity, and others…


From the cross selector, you can look for compatible ST devices with the ones from competitors.


2. From the “Pinout” section

This step is realized after creating the project within STM32CubeMX.

  • From the “Pinout & Configuration” section, select “Pinout” and choose “List Pinout Compatible MCUs”.

  • From the window that appears you can choose the family you want to compare with as well as the package.


At this point you can:
✓ Check the “Ignore Pinning Status” to ignore pin status (locked pins).
✓ Check the Ignore Power Pins not to consider the power pins.
✓ Check the Ignore System Pins to not take into consideration the system pins.
✓ Hover the mouse over the checkbox to display a tooltip that lists the system pins available on the current MCU.

  • After finishing the comparison and selecting the right MCU just click on “OK, Import”. The configuration is now available for the selected MCU in the STM32CubeMX interface.

This way, you will be able to import an available configuration to a new product.


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