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What is the most minimalist circuit to flash and run a STM32WB5MMG using SWD?


I want to flash and use my STM32WB5MMG without soldering it onto a board, as I would like to use it standalone. I have managed to flash it using a J-Link interface (0x08000000) and the BLE stack full fw (0x080D0000), but I cannot see it advertising. The same firmware advertises properly when flashed into a STM32WB5MMG-DK.

Are the VSS and VDD internally short circuited? i.e., would it be enough to just connect one (3 V and 0 V, respectively) or do all of them have to be connected? In sum, what is the simplest circuit schematic I could use to flash and use the STM32WB5MMG?

Thanks in advance.