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STM32wb15 is not advertising

Associate II

I have 20 prototype custom boards, using STM32WB15CCU6E.

Some of them advertise, some no (about 50%).

If I program HeartRate binary, all advertise.

Based on a clean project, I just added 1 service with 2 characteristics.

Stack 1.15.0

The log generated by the BLE is always the same, generating or not advertisings, and

seems ok to me.

Log :

Modulo BLE Comecou a Rodar


Modulo BLE Inicializado ???  delay: 10 

Wireless Firmware version 1.15.0

Wireless Firmware build 3

FUS version 1.2.2



>>== DBGMCU_GetRevisionID= 2000 

>>== DBGMCU_GetDeviceID= 494 

 Success: SHCI_C2_BLE_Init command

==>> Start Ble_Hci_Gap_Gatt_Init function

 Success: hci_reset command

 Success: aci_hal_write_config_data command - CONFIG_DATA_PUBADDR_OFFSET

 Public Bluetooth Address: 80:e1:21:13:f8:22

 Success: aci_hal_write_config_data command - CONFIG_DATA_IR_OFFSET

 Success: aci_hal_write_config_data command - CONFIG_DATA_ER_OFFSET

 Success: aci_hal_set_tx_power_level command

 Success: aci_gatt_init command

 Success: aci_gap_init command

 Success: aci_gatt_update_char_value - Device Name

 Success: aci_gatt_update_char_value - Appearance

 Success: hci_le_set_default_phy command

 Success: aci_gap_set_io_capability command

 Success: aci_gap_set_authentication_requirement command

==>> End Ble_Hci_Gap_Gatt_Init function

 Success: aci_gatt_add_service command: pro_svc 

 Success: aci_gatt_add_char command  : CHAR_TX 

 Success: aci_gatt_add_char command  : CHAR_RX 

 Success: aci_hal_set_radio_activity_mask command

==>> aci_gap_set_discoverable - Success

==>> Success: Start Fast Advertising 

a_AdvData : 08 09 3f 3f 3f 46 38 32 32

ST Employee


Are you able to attach the debugger when the board doesn't advertise? Did you perform HSE trimming on your custom board? Is it always the same board that didn't advertise?

Best Regards

Associate II

Hello :

Yes, the debugger runs and also my aplication runs (serial port communicates).

Not advertising.

HSE trimming : replaced the crystal between boards, same resuult of no advertising.

Tried to write some values into HSE trimming register, no result.

Tried some projects, some boards advertise (70%), some not.

My reference HEX file : BLE_HeartRate_reference.bin -> always advertise in all boards.

Starting new projects from STM32CubeMX, always get some boards not advertising.

I copied BLE_HeartRate as an example, modified it with STM32CubeMX to custom, added my

2 characteristics, then it wired in all my 41 boards.

I was not exceeding code memory, nor RAM, nor stack.

Tried dozens of projects, always arox. 30% of boards not advertising.

Using both crystals of 32MHz and 32,768KHz

At this time, after I converted BLE_HeartRate project, is running well.

Near 1 month trying until now.

Best Regards

ST Employee


Which IDE are you using? Can you share your linker file?

Best Regards

Associate II

Hello :

IDE : 1.12.0, build : 14980_20230301_1550 (UTC)

installed originally as 1.3.0, and updated itself

Stack : tried 1.15.0 and 1.16.0, same results

Attached STM32WB15CCUX_FLASH_proj_ok.ld (from project that runs advertising OK)

STM32WB15CCUXE_FLASH_proj_nok.ld (from projects that some units don't advertise).

Tried to set bigger spaces for stack and/or heap, no different results.

Just received a notice that our manufacturer has just tested more 120 units with firmware revision OK, with advertising OK.

Best Regards

ST Employee


In STM32WB15CCUXE_FLASH_proj_nok.ld file, there is an extra dot for MB_MEM2 section:

*(.MB_MEM2) ; instead of *(MB_MEM2) ;

Due to this, the buffers that need to be in SRAM2 are not placed there, so your application doesn't work. It will be corrected in the next release.

Best Regards