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Read data from 3rd party IMU over BLE


Hi, I am using a STM32WB55, and a third party IMU device. I used the P2P client demo code to start, and was able to get the two devices to connect. But I am trying to figure out how to call and read the data now. Since the P2P client app is not setup to do that.

I attached a photo of the data packets, with UUID info that I think will be required. I am also currently just dropping it in, the connect request() before the return, just so I can see where it will drop it in memory. Where would be the better place to call it, the P2P_client_app.c? I am trying to use the gatt_read_char_value, or gatt_read_using_char_uuid, but unable to properly set it up so it will compile and run.