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how to implement zigbee in stm32f407 board?


Hello, I like to design zigbee -based heath monitoring system, using stm32f407GT6 discovery board, and I plan to add Security in zigbee to protect data against attacks. In my system, I will use three sensors(temperature, Heart Rate (ECG), Blood pressure) . The stm32 board collect the data. After preprocessing, it sends formations to  Tablet pc via wireless communication zigbee.  My questions are can I implement zigbee protocol in my board stm32f407GT6 should I use two xbee “router and coordinnator” with xbee explore modules? In This case, can I add the Security (in zigbee) .

Thank you  a lot

ST Employee

Hello @MH24

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

As I understood from your description the STM32f407GT6 will be coupled to XBee modules and plays the role of collecting informations from sensors and monitors the wireless protocol over AT commands which is is totally possible with the STM32F4.

In this case, Wireless stack protocol is installed on XBee module side and your application on STM3232F4 allow to configure your device as a router and sends collected informations to the coordinator ( gateway) over Zigbee protocol.

About security, Zigbee is considered as a secure communication protocol implementing security at three layers level MAC, Network and Application.

You can also have a look on our wireless microcontroller family STM32WB supporting both Bluetooth and ZigBee protocols that could be more suitable for your application.




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