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Hi, We are developing a new product using the STM32L0 family. It is really important for us to include the functionality of Remote Firmware Ugrade through WiFi, and GPRS. How can we perform a remote firmware update? Thanks a lot.


 Do I need to use a bootloader? What kind of bootloader? Where can we find that bootloader?


Yes, you're likely going to need to write a lot of software to get the functionality you want.

The ROM loader is described in application note AN2606

And there are several examples of IAP (In Application Programming) within the CubeL0 HAL examples, but these are generally pretty crude and will need to be worked on to support methods via wireless or cellular.

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One option is to split the flash in half and write the new firmware to the second half, verify it, then copy it over the first half in a lower-level routine. Some chips event support remapping the flash to boot into the second half, but the L0 family is not one of them.

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