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I've been tinkering with the keyboard example. Is it possible to edit text that is longer than what will fit on the display? Regards Pierre

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Sure. But you would be required write some additional code. Maybe one buffer for the entire text, and one buffer that holds the displayed text (a sub-string of the entire text as letters are added that go beyond the width of the screen.). Or... just one text area that is behind a "view-port" that only allows the user to see the part of the full text currently in view - For instance, if my textarea was 400 pixels wide, but my text was now 800 pixels wide and i wanted to edit something in the middle, i'd have to calculate how much of the text would be visible to the user and adjust the position of the full text accordingly, taking into account that characters can be "cut off" - So some additional calculation required to only display complete characters. It can get a bit complex depending on what you want to do.