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SPI CS unable to pull to high initally

Associate II

Hi I m using STM32H7 for SPI transmit & receive, the code is working and able to transmit 2 byte successfully as seen from scope, but the inital CS pin was unable to set to high from .ioc. CS = PA4 and set to GPIO output level HIGH and max output speed to Very high, but waveform show low at start and then high to low again... why is this so.  any one can advise how to set CS to high then low initally..

CS not lo.jpg

David Littell
Senior III

Ensure the .ioc configures the initial output level to HIGH and place a pull-up resistor (10K should be fine) on the signal to keep it high during the time the pin isn't yet configured (i.e., from reset until MX_GPIO_Init()).

Hi David, the SPI CPOL and CPHA was set to mode 2 i.e. high and edge1 but the clk waveform show start from low to high then low to init SPI ... why is this so? shouldn't it be showing starting high then low to init SPI? 


Think of it this way: what's the nCS pin state prior to the SPI module taking control of the pin?

ST Employee

Hello  @StanCosgrove 

Which board are you using? Is it custom board?

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Principal III

you should set : keep io state enable


and pullup on nss pin


+ dont set hi speed, try medium first . ( high speed giving lot of ringing...)

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CS pin inital state should be high then low to initialise the SPI.....

Sigh.  Did you even try the pull-up resistor?

yes, try already... same result...